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Friday, November 4, 2011

Balikbayan Box- Atlas Shippers International-Shipping to the Philippines

Before going home to the Philippines..Davao City, to be exact-- we usually send at least one XL or what Filipinos call the "Macho" Box filled with extra things that we know we are NOT able to fit in other boxes to check in or bring in as our carry on items. Most of the items that we send are children's toys, candies..chocolates(Filipinos love chocolates coming from America because most of the ones we send, they can't find there!).. , cookies, clothing, used items.. and electronics..

We have been using Atlas Shippers International services for a few years now.. The Atlas service we have been using is via the South Orange County location.. and the have been wonderfully accommodating.

Eventhough, they have always been busy , they make sure they inform us of what to do when pick-up services are not available for the route so we can do something about the problem..especially if the pick-up/drop-off or shipment is urgent.

The only service we have used with Atlas is the Balikbayan Box shipment. Atlas Shippers International always run promos.

The last time we sent a Balikbayan Box, there was a problem. We(my husband and I) sent a cellphone-slightly used cellphone and it NEVER made it to the recipient's hands. We don't know for a fact where it got lost. Custom's inspection.. At the Atlas' storage facility.. or at the container loading dock.. It could have happened while the box was on the way to Davao-- who knows?..

wherever that gadget is and whoever took it.. that person, MUST really need it so bad..

It was the very first time it ever happened with Atlas Shippers International and us...and yes, we informed them about the situation. We don't normally pay for box shipping insurance.

We still trust Atlas Shippers. We think it's the most convenient and cheapest to send presents home to our family during the Holiday season.

My husband and I get so excited as much as our family does, anticipating the arrival of the gifts coming their way..


  1. Ganyan din nangyari sa amin, dumating ang balikbayan box namin from LA na sira at ang sabi nasira lang daw dahil nadaganan ng ibang box butas ang tagiliran.

    Nang buksan na namin ang box at inisa isa ang laman base sa mga list na pinadala sa amin ng aking kapatid, ayun ang daming items ang nawawala... mga mamahaling laruan like baby alive, happy nappers, pillow pet. Nawawala din ang iphone na 2nd hand na pati mga victoria secret na perfume wawala ang 10 pcs na bottle!!!

    YANG ATLAS ANG GALING MANGULIMBAT!!! KAWATAN KAYO!!! Kaya pala kayo nagpromo ng maganda kz nanakawan nyo ang mga boxes dun nyo binabawi ang mga presyo!!!

  2. Anonymous, I appreciate you leaving your comment.. I hope you were able to resolve this issue with Atlas Shippers. Usually, you need to speak with the people you transacted business with. I did, in my case and made sure will not do business with them any longer if anything worse happens.

  3. Good Morning! Nagpadala po ang sister ko from Colorado about 5-6 weeks now. How long will it take na makakarating ang box sa amin? Anyway, we are from Ozamiz City. I know malayo masyado from Davao but we are surely hoping that the box will come to our door intact,complete. It would be our gratitude if you do. Salamat and God bless..!!

    1. Hello, there.. thanks for visiting my blogsite.. i wish I can address you better by using your name but I suppose what you really need right now id to know is " how long your Balikbayan box will arrive to Ozamiz City?"

      Honestly, I have to tell you that I do not work for Atlas Shippers, I am one of their customers who happened to have been sending boxes from Orange County, CA and has arrived to Davao.. Depending on the season like Christmas when it gets busy, the guys who pick up tell us to get the boxes ready 3 months in advance in order for the boxes to arrive there(Davao) in time for Christmas.. meaning, we have about September to get he box packed/sealed and ready for pick-up or drop off if we are dropping off the boxes to their warehouse. There is ALWAYS an unexpected delay at CUSTOMS so you don't want to take chances..
      Now, because Davao City is far down South.. our boxes take so much longer than Ozamiz City. But depending on the efficiency of your Atlas Shipper/carrier to Ozamiz and the Customs inspection, your boxes should not take as long as our delivery(going to Davao).

      If possible, ask your sister to check on the status of the shipment via her receipt.

      I hope this answers your question and here's hoping that your box arrives safe, I'm sure you are very excited :) .

      Best regards,


    1. Hello!
      Sorry, I don't have the number for Atlas Shippers Ozamis Branch(I do not work for Atlas Shippers International). Are you the responder with a sister who sent a package from Colorado? Has the package still not arrived? If not, ask your sister to check the receipt for the contact number of the Atlas Shippers in Manila. ALL of the packages coming in from the US arrive in the Manila warehouse and all get dispered from there to different provinces/cities/towns/, etc. Also, she can check the status of the package online by using the tracking number to see if it is already in Manila.
      Here's a few more information for you:


      Manila Warehouse:
      Follow-up status of boxes for delivery to Manila and Luzon areas.
      Phone: 462-8527
      E-mail: asds@atlasshippers.com

      Purok Morning Star Olingan
      Dipolog City
      Tel: (0922) 275-3828
      Tel: (0916) 742-9902
      Tel: (0908) 496-7611
      Contact: Bobby Binondo

      I hope these will help.

      I do apologize in advance if I couldn't be of anymore assistance. You can always ask your sister to call Atlas about shipping concerns.

      Good Luck!

  5. Last year I picked up a few Balikbayan boxes from Atlas Shippers so I could ship some personal items back to the Philippines. This was from Atlas' branch in Milpitas, CA.

    I was informed at the time I picked up the empty boxes that all I needed to do was to call back once they were filled up and they would give me a pick-up quote based on where they were going to.

    Several months later when it came time to have the packed boxes picked-up by Atlas, I emailed them for a price quote, but didn't receive any response. I tried contacting them again, several times in fact, with no response. I thought it was odd that nobody was manning their e-mail or website, so I called. I told the lady what boxes I had, and that I needed a quote. The first person I spoke with had no clue what box I was talking about. After calling back at least four more times (and speaking with at least three different people) I was told there was "no such size" boxes to give a quote even though they were boxes from Atlas.

    Seems that Atlas personnel are clueless about what products they carry, or how much they cost. In fact, even when I was given a "quote" this would often change depending on who I spoke to.

    Beware that the prices Atlas Shipping gives you for a particular box size might not be accurate because they carry sizes that they don't have pricing for. They are an extreme hassle to deal with and do not respond to customer queries via their website.

    I decided to go with ALAS (not to be confused with Atlas) instead as they have accurate pricing are are considerably more responsive to their customers.

    1. Hi, Nick!
      I apologize for this delayed response. Like I have been saying to all the commenters here on my blog site, I DO NOT work for Atla Shippers International but I write about what my experience and I do help with any suggestions like if I could give them ideas as to any phone #'s they could call for help.
      This is what I know: ATLAS SHIPPERS is a big company and they do have INDEPENDENTLY owned agents that are ran by people who are on their own terms. So, These agents are responsible for their pick-ups, call-backs, quotes and whatever concerns a customer may have. I wouldn't blame the whole of the problem to Atlas Shippers International because it's not what they do but it could be the Milipitas Agent/Branch who is not doing their job to your expectation but I have lived in LA and Orange County and I have sent Shipping boxes from both agents and they both did well for me.
      Atlas Shippers, in my experience by the way do not quote you.. you. You will know what you are paying for with what size box you are sending. Did you know that? Atlas Shippers have their own particular-Atlas Brand boxes(the size of the box corresponds to the specific/fixed price) that is why you DO NOT NEED A QUOTE.


      Sorry you had a bad experience with Atlas.. but I do like how I am treated by my Atlas Agents here in OC.. I know them personally now so, If you are happy with your shipping company..
      Good for you..


    3. Hello!
      sorry to hear about your Atlas experience.. like I have always mentioned. My Atlas experience has been different as I am sure Atlas Shippers International is DIFFERENTLY and ran. Meaning, They are owned/operated by different agents. If you are dealing with an agent that is incompetent, it is that location and not ALL the agents throughout who are running ATLAS SHIPPERS.
      As far as STEALING and BOX OPENING, Most of the time, the problem lies(If I am not mistaken) at the Customs.
      I suppose if, you are not happy with Atlas SHippers, I would suggest that you find another Shipping Company.
      Good Luck!

  6. Nagpadala ako ng boxes sa Atlas. Yung Jr. size nila ay promo nila. Nang tanggapin ng mga anak ko isa lang box ang natanggap nila. Yung Jr. size na promo nila ay wala. Sa pictures isa lang box ang nandoon. Tumawag sila sabi nila baka daw nahalo sa iba. Tatawagan nalang daw kami. Makukuha pa kaya naming yung Jr. box?

    1. Hello, Sorry it took time to respond. I hope by the time this reaches you, You've already received the missing PROMO SIZE BOX. If you have not, Make sure to contact your ATLAS SHIPPERS Branch location that you are dealing with. Let them know that You have important things you sent in the box for your family.
      I hope the problem is resolved. Good Luck!

  7. We use ATLAS since it closer to our we we live, but we had a bad experiene from these company, We been using atlad since i move to USA, for four years we sent 3 boxes to my family using these company.First there no issue or probably because i didnt list all the stuff inside the boxes i probably forgot what we put in there. Following year we sent another boxes i make sure i write down on the box cover how many stuff are in there but still some bags of nuts and chocolates are missing. WE never learned our lesson. for the third time i come home to Philippines to attend a wedding of my nephew, so we sent boxes so it would be easy for us not to carry lots of pasalubong. ,came the boxes the two of the boxes are hollow on top. i open it asgs of gooddies are missing! WHY DO THE FILILINO WORKING IN ATLAS DO TNIS TO THEIR FELLOW FILIPINO STEALING STUFF THATS NOT BELONG TO THEM IAHRD TO FILL UP THE BOXES , IT CAME FROM A HADC MONEY THAT WE WORK FOR HOURS TO SEND TO OUR FAMILY AND THE THESE CROOK WORKING IN ATLAS JUST STEAL THEM! HEARTLESS PEOPLE . I GET THE ATTENTION OF ATLAS COMPANY IN ATLAS , I GOT TO TALK TO A LADY NAME MINA I TOLD HER MY CONCERN SHE SAID SHE WILL RELY IT TO HER SUPERVISOR AND HER SUPERVISOR WILL CALL E BACK... DID THEY CALL?... HELL NO! WHAT KIND OF PEOEPLE STEALING THINGS THATS NOT BELONG TO THEM. MAYBE I SHOULD PUT -----MAHIYA NAMAN KAU MAGNANAKAW!

    SORRYabout this ,but seems like the owner of these company doesnt know what their employee is doing.
    The disclaimer in their website said. they are not responsible?..So hahayaan na lang lagi may mawawala sa mga kahon na pinaghirapan ng mga nagpapadala tapos ibang taong magnanakawna empleyado lng ang gagamit? nakakhiya cla..

    1. Different Agents/location/branch.. different way of doing things.

      If you have done Business with the same EXACT AGENT/LOCATION/BRANCH many time before, they will treat you right. I have been dealing with the same ATLAS Shippers Agents and they are wonderful. They Inform me of the ETA's, probable problems at the Customs, weather and shipment delays and they make sure that I list all items in the box and I make a copy for myself. If those items don't arrive..they better know about it.

      As a REPEAT customer and having been treated the way you are, I would go out of my way to voice out my OPINION about their service on their Official SITE or on YELP, FACEBOOK and other sites if you must.

      We all have different experiences and you definitely have the right to say something about it especially when we all work hard for a living and we all want send heart-warming gifts to our family.

      I'm hoping everything get's resolved for you and your ATLAS Branch gets to work with you on a certain level.

      Good Luck!


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