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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Aging and Exercise..

I am embarrassed at the lack of entry on this blog site but I must say that I have been more active on my Facebook Page, https://www.facebook.com/ritzjoaquinfitnesscoaching. I know that I have been so infuriated by the fact that Google deactivated my other site(Iseefit.net which I have worked so hard for, over a couple of years to share health and fitness insights so I diverted my attention to sharing them to Facebook).

There's no use in dwelling over mundane stuff..what's important is that, I can still continue one of my goals and that is to spread positive vibes and healthful tips to whoever needs them.

If you don't see much going on here, there will be some on  my Facebook Page so don't worry ;)

Yesterday, I was sitting on my butt in line as you can imagine, waiting to register for something. I was looking up to the sky and made me think back of the days when I used to get SEVERE MIGRAINE ATTACKS. It was a gloomy, dark clouds, somewhat wind coming through but not really cooling the skin. The day before, It was REALLY HOT. Migraine used to attack me when there are SUDDEN Changes in the weather. Or I ate certain types of Food.

As I sat waiting in line, I had a huge smile on my face knowing that I was safe. The young girl behind me on the line asked, "how old are you?" I said, "Old enough." She giggled. She was a pretty girl who seemed to be in her early 20's. I didn't ask. She could have been younger. She told me about her old job and why she wanted to change careers. She told me about her Mom. and she went on and asked if I had a child.

I said, "OK, I am 42.. and yes I have a 25-year-old son..stepson."

She said, "Are you serious?!"

I said.. "About what?.. My age or having a stepson?"

She couldn't stop giggling for awhile and then when she regained composure, she said, "I wouldn't have been able to tell.. You don't look it!"

I said to her, "Shh, don't tell anyone."

Maintaining an Active Lifestyle and Healthy Eating Habit has been a vital part of my fitness process. Had it not been for this combination, I am pretty sure that I'd still be suffering from those severe Migraine Attacks and other Medical Illnesses that I have had the past few years.

When we age, we feel like we are not able to do more but we NEED to know that we have to remain ACTIVE as much as we can as best as we can in order to help prevent risks of other more dangerous illnesses and diseases.

Dance, Garden, Play Tennis, Ride a Bike, Take a Walk, Run, Take a Hike, Go Rowing, Mow The Lawn.. Anything that makes you sweat and eat Nutritious Foods!

There is ALWAYS time for exercise..get moving!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Typhoon Haiyan

I can't even begin to describe how I feel about this typhoon. It is nothing compared to how the people who are affected by it.

It's nowhere worse than how they can be feeling right now looking for their loved ones..who may be dead under a pile of debris or could be that they have been separated from one another starved, dehydrated, cold, wounded and infected and could have been saved if something had been done..

I can't do anything from here-- All my hubby and I could do was to donate a small amount to the redcross.org and hoping that the amount reaches them who needs the relief.

Last night, I was watching the live telecast that Anderson Cooper with CNN and I was brought to tears. After my husband was done talking on the phone with a Real Estate Agent.. I told him I want to go home and volunteer.

It's not really that easy. Not only do we NOT have the money but we know for a fact that airports and most main roads are also closed off for travels. Only relief vehicles and volunteers are allowed for faster delivery of relief goods and services..

See Important News Information.

Haiyan has been recorded as one of the strongest typhoons in history and has flattened out almost the entire City of Tacloban. I have not been to this place. I wish I've gone to visit this one.. It apparently had a wonderful history. I've only learned about the stories from my grandparents and just recently, I saw this TV Documentary by Oliver Stone and I learned a few more. I know that Cebu and Bohol have been affected by this typhoon as well and Bohol was also hit by an earthquake just a month ago and it has devastated the residents as well. I live in Davao City, a city in the southern island in the Philippines which is a part of Mindanao.

Last year in November, I visited my family. It was a surprise birthday visit for my Mom and sister. I never expected to be surprised by a Typhoon(Cyclone), Pablo or Bopha at the time.

It had been raining that day at the airport and I was told that it had been raining for a few days.. They were warned of Typhoon.. It turned out that the outskirts of Davao City got hit and some areas close to Davao was hit with a "tail whip" of that Cyclone as it did a short switch back as it left the Philippines. I was inside our house one day, listening to the heavy downpour ..when the winds blew all over the place, it hit the windows and shuddered with roaring noises.

My sister and nephew just sadly watched through the windows, mom's beautiful plants started breaking down onto the grown.

The water was actually cut off for a short period of time at one point..(I believe it was a "Davao-ration-customary thing?) .

At one point, I had to get in touch with my hubby who was back in California to let him know that the whole family is OK but there was no power/internet in the entire city..

Some of the streets(the lower areas with bad drainage or no drainage systems at all) were starting to get flooded.

I could still say that we were more fortunate than others. We live in a house with concrete floors and walls, more durable roofing and warmer inside BUT that didn't and will NEVER have mattered had Typhoon Pablo got to hit us in a heartbeat.

Seeing what others experienced at that time, last year via our TV in the living room-Just Painful.

One of my brothers who works at SM (Davao City)Mall as an Engineer was collecting some goods at the time and my Dad volunteered to bring some stuff to another group for relief goods.

I am hoping that there is a drop box again for relief goods for the Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda Victims as it would be a great help to save lives and help families who have lost family members.

May those who have perished rest their souls and those who are still looking for their missing loved one get reunited with them soon, those who need any type of relief get them the soonest humanly possible.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Breakfast in Davao City with Family

Last night, husband and I called family via Skype but it was over the phone not face to face. It was the weekday so not everybody could be there. Even then, we were able to stay online for at least an hour and had a great conversation.

Having families who live across the world is tough. They worry about our situation here (especially with the issues about the government shutdown) as much as we worry about theirs. They see what is going on in the news. They get confused as to what to believe.

Is the United States of America a big chaos now..

what is going on?

Many Filipinos come to America for a better future. A lot of people look up to the United States of America as "the greener of all pastures" so they have to cross the fence in order to feed the family to stay alive.

One of my sisters is supposed to be scheduled to come to the United States as a Physical Therapist this month but there has been no news yet as of this writing as to when she is coming. She was tentatively told to be assigned in the state of Texas--somewhere. and yet, not specific.

At any rate, we are still positive and enthusiastic about everything that she will be here soon in time for Thanksgiving Day this year.

I woke up to go get my coffee his morning and I just thought of the morning breakfasts I had with family last year. I thought it was just strange that I was drinking a freshly brewed coffee and back home last year, we were drinking Nescafe Instant coffee.. and it didn't bother me a bit.. not that I couldn't make a pot of brewed coffee because we had an electric coffee pot back home, actually.

Filipino Breakfast was composed of rice, eggplant omelet or fish or left-overs from the night before at times.. and fruits--fresh fruits!

Those simple little things are the BEST things I miss so much. The fun of eating Filipino family breakfasts together and talking about what the day may bring, planning on what to cook for lunch or what will be left-overs again and re-heated so they won't go to waste and oh..

someone is coming to visit!

That was always what got me excited and what I anticipated when I woke up in the mornings.

No matter how hard life is back home, there is always the warmth of a household family love, the bond that keeps them altogether.. despite the chaotic world.

Most of the time my husband and I get our inspiration and strength from our family back home..If they are having a hard time and still get up and be positive being in a third-world country and be grateful of what little they have to survive..they just have to take action and keep trying--taking one step at a time.

how can we not ?

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